Reviewer guidelines

All published articles in Contemporary Meditrrean undergo peer review by at least two anonymous reviewers, after the initial Chief editor's screening.

The purpose of the double peer review of the paper is to provide critical information to the Chief editor so he/she can reach an unbiased decision about publishing the paper in Contemporary Mediterranean. Reviewers are encouraged to give their opinion in detail so the authors can rewrite their papers in accordance with the guidelines of the journal.

Reviewer reports should also contain a recommendation about accepting or rejecting a paper. Said recommendation should emphasize the strengths or weaknesses of the paper, following the proper scientific, evidence-based approach.

Ethical guidelines for reviewers

  • Reviewers should review the paper objectively and constructively
  • Reviewers should not use information from a paper for their own scientific work.
  • Reviewers should declare any personal conflicts if such exist
  • Personal remarks and insults about the subject of the paper or the author of the paper are unsiutable and inappropriate
  • Reviewers should only agree to review papers that are their subject of expertise
  • Reviewers should respect the confidentiality of peer reviews, and should not contact authors directly while the review process is ongoing.
  • Reviewers should provide their review in a timely manner.
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